‘I Was Completely Changed’

Construction Ready Turned Bry Wimberly into an Impressive Young Professional

Bry Wimberly is a 2021 graduate of Lakeside High School. Just weeks after her graduation, she was enrolled in Construction Ready training at Westside Works in Atlanta – all at no cost to her, thanks to a scholarship from the National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER). After an initial placement with a roofing company, Bry now is a construction lead for Habitat for Humanity in DeKalb County, where she works with volunteers on home repairs and ground-up builds. She’s also working toward an associate degree in commercial construction management at Gwinnett Technical College. She discusses her job, career goals and more here.

What were you doing before you went through Construction Ready training? 

I learned about the program through a Zoom meeting that my high school orchestrated. It was the March before I graduated, and what caught my eye was the certifications I could receive by applying myself. I had an interest in construction, but I didn’t see any way to break into the field [prior to that].

What was the training experience like for you?

It was a completely different environment then I was used to. My classmates and I were held to a higher, professional standard, and I was completely changed because of it.

What have you been doing since you completed the training?

I was matched with Ideal Building Solutions. After I left there, I pursued a forklift certificate. Then I started college and began working with Habitat in April of 2022.

What do you enjoy about your work?

I think my favorite part about working with Habitat for Humanity is the people I get to meet. From volunteers to homeowners, everyone is grateful and willing to give. I especially enjoy when I get the opportunity to teach or lead a group of volunteers in a task, and we accomplish our goals in record time.

Have there been any experiences on the job that stand out as particularly meaningful, helpful or otherwise memorable?

One specific experience I’ve had on the job site was working with Mercer University students to help an in-need homeowner. We were working to replace fascia boards, paint the exterior and help her feel more proud of her house. Everyone on site had a job and was executing it with precision. I was extremely proud and felt so grateful to be where I was.

What are your career plans and goals moving forward?

My career plans are to finish my associate degree in commercial construction management. At the end of [that process], there is an intern program, and I’m looking forward to making more connections.

How has Construction Ready made a difference in your life and career?

Construction Ready has made such an impact in the way I present myself to homeowners, volunteers and business partners. The skills I’ve learned from this program are invaluable, and I’m extremely grateful I came across it.

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