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Did you know the trades are

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Are you tired of low-wage, dead-end work?
Is it hard to support your family with your current job?
Would you like to earn in-demand skills?
Do you want to be proud of the work you do?
Do you want to meet employers who are hiring?
Would you like a fresh start and a job that offers great pay and benefits?
Do you want to build something for people to use and enjoy for years to come?
Do you want to build a career without going into debt for a college degree?
Are you ready to begin a career where you can advance and earn more?
Would you like to train for a great construction job without paying a dime?

Construction careers offer pay and benefits similar to jobs that require a college degree.

Earn great money with your very first construction job
Discover fast and plentiful opportunities for promotion
Use your hands to help build something real
Be proud of the work you do every day
Avoid leaving the workforce for four years to attend college
Begin your career without racking up student loan debt
  • Dontavious Green is excited to go to work every day.

    “Construction Ready is a wonderful opportunity because they help you with a career, not just a job.”
    – Dontavious Greene
  • Evan Magee began a high-earning construction career right out of high school

    “We got to talk to electricians, welders – any type of construction career path that you can think of, we got a little taste of it. I saw these different opportunities and I thought, ‘This is what I want to do.”
    – Evan Magee

Here’s how we help people and communities become Construction Ready


Complete our construction training program where nearly all graduates land a great-paying job in as little as 20 days.

High School Students

Get help finding a construction job or internship, touring a job site, or connecting with an in-school construction program.


Hire trained, credentialed construction professionals and overcome the worker shortage.

Teachers & Principals

Get the tools, resources, and guidance you need to start a cross-curricular program at your school.


Help your son or daughter find a great job and begin a stable and rewarding career.

Just a few titles held by the

1,200+ Construction Ready graduates

General Contractor
Drywall Installer
Equipment Operator
Concrete Finisher
HVAC Technician

Here’s how to make…

Great money doing work you love

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Our construction training programs provide the skills and credentials you need to get hired.

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Meet employers and land your first construction job! We connect you with construction companies as part of the program.

The trades are roaring with job opportunities. We’re here to help YOU take advantage of them.

Construction Ready is a not-for-profit organization focused on building a skilled construction workforce. To achieve that goal, we rely on a committed community of individuals, organizations, and leaders. They’re all part of the team!
From school clubs to intensive training to hiring fairs, our work serves the greater goal of elevating the trades and connecting committed individuals with great-paying construction jobs.
In today’s job market, there’s a wealth of opportunities in the trades. Construction, in particular, is a field with enormous potential for earning, advancement, and personal fulfillment.
Together with our partners, we uplift families and strengthen communities by preparing people for careers in the trades. Their success isn’t just a byproduct of our construction workforce building efforts — it’s the reason we do what we do.

Land a great construction job in as little as 20 days

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