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Ready to start a construction program at your elementary, middle, or high school? We can help.

“We’re excited our construction program has grown now to include 2nd through 5th graders – we can’t wait to see it continue to grow!”

– Stacy Perlman, Principal, Mountain Park Elementary

Start a construction program at your school

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Prepare high schoolers for construction careers

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Are your students prepared for the

abundance of jobs in the skilled trades?

Are you looking for a surefire way to expand students’ career options?
Would you like to see young people begin great careers without taking on student debt?
Do you worry that kids are graduating with too few employment options?
Did you know that construction jobs pay well and offer excellent advancement potential?
Did you know there’s a huge shortage of skilled construction workers?
Would you like to start or improve a construction program at your school?
  • “We’re excited our construction program has grown now to include 2nd through 5th graders – we can’t wait to see it continue to grow!”
    – Stacy Perlman, Principal, Mountain Park Elementary

We know you work hard to set kids on the right path

At Construction Ready, we know that K-12 teachers work hard to prepare kids for the next step in life. For many kids, that’s college. But not all teens attend college, and those who don’t are often faced with fewer career opportunities than their peers.

The construction industry needs these young people. And they don’t need a college degree to begin a great-paying career in construction.

What they do need is preparation. That’s why our K-12 construction programs provide kids with the knowledge, training, skills, and — at the high school level — credentials needed to land their first construction job.

Here’s how to champion a

construction program at your school

Reach out to us

We’ll meet with you to learn more about your school’s vocational opportunities and start creating a plan.

Learn about your options

Our team will help bring administrators and counselors together to build a construction program.

Prepare more kids

Get the training and resources you need to prepare kids for a lifelong construction career.

Fast facts about our K-12 program

  • Developed in partnership with the Georgia Department of Education, employers, trade associations, and philanthropic organizations
  • Curricula covers all grade levels, from “Little Builders” programs for elementary students to employment-focused construction classes for high schoolers
  • Includes training, advisement, curriculum, and support to teachers, administrators, and counselors
  • Get programming for parents, counselors, and others in your school community
  • Starter kits include curriculum, activities, and branded materials for all programs
  • Introduce students to industry contacts and employers in your area; our partner organizations are eager to hire your graduates.

High schoolers in our program earn the credentials employers are looking for

  • NCCER Core Credential
  • OSHA 10-Hour Card
  • Ladder Safety Credential

Show kids that the trades are a viable, rewarding career option

Prepare kids for careers
Impart valuable skills
Expand job opportunities
Improve construction education
Give non-college-bound kids great career options
Help kids avoid student loan debt
Make graduates competitive for great jobs
Introduce kids to employers and industry contacts
Improve employment outcomes among graduates

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