Have No Skills But Need a Job? Here’s What to Do

If you’re thinking, “I have no skills but need a job,” you’re not alone. Everybody needs to pay their bills, so everyone needs some kind of employment. That’s true whether they have skills or not.

But here’s the thing – and you’ve probably experienced this already. Most of the jobs for unskilled workers don’t pay very well.

Whether it’s retail, warehouse, or delivery work, jobs that don’t require skills don’t usually pay a very high hourly wage. In many cases, the small amount those jobs do pay simply isn’t enough to get by.

To get a good job that pays a good wage, you need skills. It’s that simple.

But in most cases, you also need skills just to get that kind of job in the first place! So where are you supposed to start?

How to get a job with no skills or experience

You can get a good job and start an exciting career. Just because you don’t have skills or experience today doesn’t mean you can’t get both.

The best way to get skills is to learn them in a hands-on way. There are different ways to do that, such as:

  • Go to college and earn a degree. This is how many people acquire skills that employers are seeking. College graduates tend to earn more than people who never attended college.
  • Learn skills on the job. Some employers in skilled professions will hire people with no experience for low-level jobs. After those people learn a lot through working and can demonstrate that they’ve achieved a higher level of knowledge, those workers can move up to higher pay in positions that require more skills.
  • Attend a job training program. In some professions, it’s possible to find short-term job training programs or courses that prepare you for a good-paying job. These programs equip you with skills that employers are looking for.

From here on out, we’re going to focus on that last option: job training programs.

Why? Well, not everyone has time to take four years off and earn a college degree – especially if you’re older, trying to support a family, and need a good job right now.

As for learning skills on the job, it can be difficult to find employers who will hire someone without skills or experience and teach them what they need to know. That’s why many people end up in so-called “dead end,” low-wage jobs to begin with: it’s just really hard to find a company willing to take a chance on someone with no skills.

Job training programs, on the other hand are a great alternative because:

  • They’re often designed for people who don’t have marketable skills. If you’re struggling to find a great job, a good training program can give you the skills and/or credentials you need to get a new start in life.
  • In most cases, they don’t require a big time commitment. Some will prepare you for the workforce in just a few weeks or months.
  • They’re low-cost. You can probably afford a job training program. And if you can’t, there may be funding options available.

So, what’s a great job training program for someone without skills or experience?

Construction training programs help unskilled workers get great jobs

One of the best ways for someone with no skills to get a good job is to train for a position in the skilled trades.

The skilled trades involve hands-on work in construction or industrial occupations. You’ve probably met many skilled tradespeople in your life: plumbers, electricians, roofers, auto mechanics… There are many different types of skilled trades workers!

The construction industry, in particular, is in dire need of workers. There aren’t enough skilled construction workers to fill all of the jobs that are available. That being the case, many construction employers are turning to job training programs.

The best construction job training programs offer the following benefits:

  • Short duration: You should get the training you need in a matter of weeks.
  • Vital credentials: The program should offer essential certifications and credentials that construction employers are looking for.
  • Employer introductions: Nobody should send you away from their program with a nod of the head and a half-hearted comment like, “Good luck out there.” No. Instead, you should be able to meet construction employers as part of the program. That way, you stand a great chance of getting a job after you finish.
  • Low or zero cost: Many of the best programs are fully funded, so the trainees pay nothing to attend.

At Construction Ready, our 20-day training program for adult job seekers checks all of these boxes. All participants interview with construction employers during the training course, and 97% of our graduates already have jobs lined up before training ends!

Since our training program is fully funded by a combination of private donations and government grants, you don’t have to pay anything to attend. You can get the training you need to begin a great career, pay $0.00 to get that training, and start your first great-paying construction job, all in about a month!

Good jobs for unskilled workers are hard to find. Construction training can help you get the skills you need to earn a great living.

If you’re ready to get the skills and training you need to start a great-paying construction job, Construction Ready can help.

Sign up for an info session today, and we’ll show you everything there is to know about our program! You’ll also have a chance to ask questions and see if it’s a good fit for you.

The truth is, you can get the knowledge and experience necessary to earn a good wage and be proud of the work you do. The construction industry is looking for people like you who are ready for the challenge and are willing to work hard for the great rewards.

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