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Getting a job in building construction isn’t always a fast process. But if you’re willing and able to get the training and credentials you need, it’s definitely worth it.

And getting the necessary training might happen faster than you think.

Let’s look at a few different paths to getting a job in building construction. We’ll start with one that’s often the most difficult and end with the one that’s an almost sure-fire path to a job.

The hard way: hunt for an apprenticeship

Getting a construction apprenticeship is easier said than done.

For one thing, not very many construction companies offer apprenticeship programs. You might find a company that is willing to train you on the job, but not all construction companies have the resources to do that.

Most people getting their start in construction do so by getting trained first. Then they find a job. That’s the way to do it if you want to work for a good company that provides good benefits and gives you opportunities to grow in your career.

The step-by-step for getting a construction apprenticeship looks like this:

  1. Look for companies with apprenticeship programs for people who want to work in the trades.
  2. Apply to the program or programs.
  3. If you can’t find an apprenticeship program or can’t qualify for some reason, apply for construction jobs that don’t require experience (these might also be difficult to find!)
  4. Get hired and learn on the job so you can get promoted and take on higher responsibility roles.

Starting your construction career this way is tough. It’s usually better to get some training first.

A somewhat easier way: Complete a technical college program

Your local public community college or technical school probably has trades programs. From HVAC to electrician training to plumbing, it’s likely that one or more local institutions offer certificates or associate’s degrees in these subjects.

With a credential from an established program, it will be much easier for you to get a good job in building construction.

The problem? These programs can last a while. Certificate programs can take several months to complete, and an associate’s degree takes even longer – up to two years in most cases.

They also cost money. You’ll have to pay tuition and apply for loans or grants if you can’t afford the out-of-pocket cost to attend. Is it worth it if you can swing the time and cost commitments? Yes. But not everybody can do that.

Here’s how to get a job in building construction if you go this route:

  1. Apply for a skilled trades program at a local community college or technical college (look for programs at public institutions, not private ones).
  2. Complete the program and graduate with your certificate or degree; this could take several months to a couple of years.
  3. Add your educational achievement to your resume and start applying and interviewing for construction jobs.

You’ll probably get a good job if you complete a college-level program. Still, there may be an even better way to get a job in building construction.

The best way: Complete a dedicated training program

If there’s a dedicated construction training class in your area, look into it! It might be the best way for you to begin your construction career.

A good construction training program will prepare you for a career in the trades. You’ll learn everything you need to know to be ready for your first construction job, and you’ll earn the construction credentials that employers are looking for.

At Construction Ready, we offer a 20-day program to adult job seekers who want to begin a career in the skilled trades. In addition to earning all the credentials you need to land your first job, you’ll meet employers during the training program and interview for actual construction jobs. 97% of our graduates secure their first construction job before they finish the program.

Construction Ready’s adult training program is also fully funded by private donors and government grants, so you don’t have to pay to attend.

Compared to completing a community college program or hunting for an apprenticeship, Construction Ready costs less, takes less time, and gives you as close to a sure-fire way of getting a good construction job as you’ll ever find! Here’s how to get started with Construction Ready:

  1. Attend an info session
  2. Apply for the training program
  3. Complete the 20-day intensive construction training
  4. Meet your future employer and get a job offer

After that, you can begin your construction career!

In today’s job market, there are plenty of construction companies in need of qualified workers who want to grow in the profession. What’s missing are individuals with the training needed to work in the industry. At Construction Ready, we train people of all ages and backgrounds to begin exciting and financially rewarding careers in construction.

You can be one of them. Get in touch with us today to attend an info session!

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