How to Recruit Safe Construction Workers

Learn How to Recruit Safe Construction Workers Like the Ones in This Picture

If you’re looking to reduce workplace injuries (and workers’ compensation claims) at your construction company, you want to recruit safe construction workers.

But finding credentialed, ready-for-work professionals isn’t always easy. We face an almost chronic worker shortage in the construction industry — a reality that leads to extreme delays on project completion, among other problems.

Construction firms face an unenviable double whammy of not only having to recruit workers and having to recruit safe construction workers. Workers who are new to the industry pose the greatest risk to their employers, accounting for around 40% of workers’ compensation claims. How do you minimize that risk while also recruiting enough workers to fulfill your obligations?

We won’t pretend it’s easy. But there may be a way.

Here’s how to build a safe-working team of construction professionals and minimize the risk of workplace injuries.

1. Identify the safety credentials that matter to your organization

Ask yourself which of the following is a better bet:

  • Recruiting someone with no experience or training with the intention of teaching them on the job, or
  • Recruiting a new worker with no experience but who has earned NCCER and OSHA credentials through a construction training program

We’re betting you think the second option is the safer option. We think you’re right.

There are lots of different credentials and certifications in the construction industry. When recruiting new workers, prioritize candidates who have earned the ones that you think matter most. After identifying those credentials, you can…

2. Be selective when you recruit safe construction workers

Many workers who are new to your company will be experienced. That’s a good thing. However, the construction industry currently needs around half a million new workers to keep up with demand.

You’ve got to hire people with little or no experience. So be very choosy about them.

Look for workers who have completed dedicated training programs, taken relevant community college courses, or who have experience in a construction-adjacent position. If you’re struggling to do that, we get it. That’s why we’ll do our best to make the next step as easy as possible for you.

3. Find a source for trained, safe workers

We mentioned dedicated training programs above. But what is a training program, exactly?

The way we define it, a construction training program provides the education and credentials new workers need to confidently and safely begin their first construction job. At Construction Ready, that’s exactly the kind of training we provide. Our graduates complete an intensive 20-day program, where they earn essential construction credentials:

  • NCCER core credential
  • OSHA 10-hour card
  • First aid/CPR/BBP/AED training
  • Powder actuated tool certification
  • Laser tool certification
  • Forklift safety awareness credential
  • ATSSA utility flagger certification
  • Competent person in fall protection credential

To help provide this training, we partner with government agencies, other nonprofit organizations, and, yes, construction companies. In fact, Construction Ready itself is the brainchild of construction industry leaders seeking to address the skilled worker shortage in their communities.

If you’re looking for skilled construction workers, Construction Ready’s programs for adult jobseekers and high school students can help you staff your job sites with safe-working professionals.

4. Provide a great environment for workers

Finding a feeder program that helps recruit safe construction workers is one thing. Ensuring your company is attractive to them is quite another!

Part of building a solid construction workforce is providing an enjoyable, supportive environment for your employees. That’s how you can attract the best people and retain them throughout the years.

One way to do that — and this probably won’t surprise you — is by paying your people well and providing great benefits. But we don’t think you should sell new recruits on compensation alone. What you need to sell to new construction workers is the fact that their first job is an investment in their future. In other words, it’s not about the starting wage. It’s about what they’ll earn after several years on the job.

We all know that a new construction worker who sticks around, learns a lot, and develops expertise can quickly advance in the company and increase their pay. But new recruits don’t always know that. In your interviews with construction job applicants, stress not just the starting wage, but the long-term earning potential.

In our experience, serious applicants will understand the value you’re offering them. And they’ll end up doing great work for you company.

If you’re trying to hire safe construction workers, we can help

Recruiting competent, trained, safe construction workers can be a major challenge. At Construction Ready, we’re doing our part to make recruiting easier and far less risky to your organization.

To learn more about our programs or find out how to hire our graduates, get in touch with us today!

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