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Gain valuable skills that are in high demand
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97% of graduates get great paying jobs right away

These graduates got great construction jobs right after finishing our free training.

Dontavious Greene

Employer: Bryson Constructors

“The program […] was the right opportunity for me. They didn’t discriminate against me for my looks or anything. […] They help you with a career, not just a job.”

Toni Davis

Employer: Archer Western Contractors

“Construction Ready opens a lot of doors. […] [The training] gave me the confidence to walk into a company and say, ‘This is what I’m worth.”

The construction industry needs you. That’s why our training is free.

97% of our graduates get hired by construction companies right after finishing our program! In just 20 days you can be one of them.

  • Make great money and earn more over time

  • Gain valuable skills that are always in demand

  • Training is fully funded, so you pay nothing
  • Feel proud of the work you do each day

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