What Is an NCCER Certification?

When you first start researching construction careers, you might come across information about NCCER. And if you do, you might be asing, “What is an NCCER certification?”

The short answer is that there isn’t just one NCCER certification. There are several different ones. But as you’re preparing for a career in construction, the one you’re primarily concerned about is called the NCCER Core Credential. It’s what you earn to show construction employers that you’re prepared to work for their company.

Let’s take a closer look at what NCCER certification is all about.

What does NCCER stand for?

NCCER stands for the National Center for Construction Education and Research. The mission of the organization, per their literature, is “to build a safe, productive and sustainable workforce of craft professionals.” Basically, they provide training programs for prospective and current construction professionals to help set a standard for the industry.

Trainings for NCCER credentials focus on safety and skills. When you earn an NCCER credential, you’re demonstrating that you meet a certain standard for construction safety and know-how. Construction employers look favorably on NCCER credentials when hiring new workers.

Many won’t even hire you if you don’t have an NCCER credential.

What is the NCCER Core curriculum?

NCCER Core is the primary training course for credentialed construction workers. It’s an introduction to fundamental and critical skills that all construction professionals need to possess. You can also think of it as the prerequisite to other NCCER credentials because you have to complete Core before you can work on any of the others.

When you’re training for your first construction job, you should look for programs that offer NCCER Core as part of the training. Employers want you to have it. They’ll be more likely to hire you when you do.

At Construction Ready, our program for adult jobseekers includes NCCER Core training. You’ll finish the program having completed all of the curriculum required to earn the Core credential. It’s one of several credentials you earn during the 20-day program, and it’s also one that employers in our network are particularly interested in when selecting graduates from our program.

What is an NCCER certification good for?

It’s good for so many things! When you earn an NCCER certification, you’re getting an industry-sanctioned credential that shows you know your stuff. You’ll be a better tradesperson and you’ll be more likely to get hired.

That being the case, your NCCER certification is good for:

  • Getting a first construction job
  • Keeping up-to-date with safety procedures and requirements at construction sites
  • Honing your skills in a certain area of construction; there are specific credentials for General Carpentry, Electrical, HVACR, and more.
  • Learning about a new area of construction so you can more into a new field
  • Earning promotions in your job
  • Preparing yourself for supervisory roles at your company
  • Becoming better at your job so you can be more effective and valuable every day

The bottom line is that NCCER credentials are the ones that the construction industry holds in high regard. If you’re looking to further your construction knowledge and through training, an NCCER credential will be, in many cases, the right path to follow.

So, what is an NCCER certification? It’s your gateway to an exciting construction career!

We include the NCCER Core Credential as part of our adult and high school construction training programs because it’s incredibly valuable to jobseekers. The skills and safety knowledge you acquire after completing the Core curriculum will serve you well in your first construction job and throughout your construction career.

If you’re thinking about starting a career in construction, our 20-day training program has you covered! Graduates earn all the credentials they need to get their first construction job, and 97% of graduates already have a job offer before completing the program. To learn more about Construction Ready or sign up for training, get in touch with us today!

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