3 High Paying Construction Jobs That Lead to Satisfying Careers

Here is a welder at work. Welding is one of the most high paying construction jobs.

If there’s one thing you can count on in the construction industry, it’s a long and fulfilling career. For nearly everyone getting started in the skilled trades, there are plenty of high paying construction jobs waiting for them.

Of course, you’ve got to stick with it once you get started. Construction is very much a “work your way up” industry.

Most workers start off with an hourly wage (although they do often receive great benefits, unlike low-wage jobs in retail or food service). Then as they hone their skills over time, they can start to specialize. With specialization comes greater responsibility, promotions, and, yes, more money.

In the end, you can earn a great construction salary while working in a satisfying job where you build things and environments that people truly need.

Let’s take a look at three high paying construction jobs, what your career trajectory looks like, and how much you can earn.

Outlook and job scope for three high paying manual labor jobs

On the whole, the future for construction professionals looks bright. In the 2020s, construction companies and trades contractors still desperately need workers. That’s one reason why Construction Ready exists.

Construction Ready is a fully funded 20-day training program that helps people from all walks of life begin careers in the construction industry. Thanks to our in-session employer interviews, 97% of our graduates have jobs lined up before the training ends. It also costs nothing to attend training, since the program is funded by government grants and/or private donations.

At Construction Ready, you can earn the basic construction credentials you need to get your foot in the door for high paying construction jobs. Employers will want to hire you because you’re actually ready to set foot on a job site – unlike job seekers with no experience.

The following construction jobs pay well and offer outstanding career advancement potential.

1. Welding

Welding involves the joining of multiple pieces of metal using heat. If you’ve ever seen someone with a face shield joining two large pieces of steel with the sparks flying, you’ve seen a welder in action.

Becoming a welder usually involves starting off in a lower level construction field, gaining exposure to the craft of welding, and eventually taking on welding projects of your own. It can take several years to become an advanced welder, but you can start gaining experience with welding not long after beginning your construction career.

Welders are needed on many different types of construction sites, particularly for new construction of commercial buildings. The great demand for welders is probably why they earn so much money.

According to the National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER) 2022 career survey, welders earn between $62,000 and $73,000 per year on average. Structural welders and fabricators earn at the lower end of that spectrum while pipe and combo welders tend to earn more.

Either way, those are great salaries! Combined with the outstanding health and retirement benefits most welders get from their employers, welding is among the highest paying construction jobs you can get.

2. Plumbing

Plumbers do a lot more than just unclog your drain, although they do need to do exactly that sometimes! Experienced plumbers help design and install complex plumbing systems on construction sites. It’s really quite an art, and it requires substantial skill!

Becoming a plumber is much like entering other trades. You usually start off at an hourly wage and work your way up as you gain experience.

Wondering how much plumbers make? According to the same NCCER report that included compensation data for welders, plumbers in this country earn $73,320 on average. Like other trades careers, plumbers typically have great benefits, such as health, disability, and life insurance, not to mention retirement plans.

3. Electrician

Industrial and commercial electricians earn between $59,304 and $65,398 per year, on average according to the NCCER report we cited earlier. As with welding and plumbing, these are great salaries!

It’s important to keep in mind that the sky really is the limit with careers as electricians or plumbers. In these high paying construction jobs, it’s common to open your own business after gaining experience in the field. As a business owner, your earnings can be as high as you want them to be, assuming you’re able to keep growing.

Much like other high paying manual labor jobs or trades careers, new electricians usually start off earning an hourly wage. In some states, there are different licensing levels, including a “journeyman” level for electricians who are still learning the craft. See our piece on how to become a journeyman electrician for more info on that process.

In many cases, you can begin your training in electrical contracting shortly after beginning your construction career. You might even move from an hourly wage to a salaried position in just a year or so – we’ve seen it happen to Construction Ready graduates!

Qualify for high paying construction jobs ASAP

To get started in the construction industry, a dedicated training program is the way to go – especially when it costs you nothing to complete the training!

At Construction Ready, we train men and women from all walks of life to begin high paying careers in the construction and skilled trades industries. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our training program or to attend an info session!

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