How to Find Great Construction Jobs With No Experience

This worker on a construction site figured out how to find construction jobs with no experience.

Finding a job might be pretty easy. But finding a great job? That’s hard. And if you’re looking for construction jobs with no experience on your résumé, that’s even harder!

Don’t worry. You can still get a great construction job! Even if you don’t have any experience, there are ways to get the training and credentials you need to break into the construction field. The best part? Getting both of those things might cost you $0.00. Seriously.

Let’s take a look at how to get a great construction job even if you’ve never set foot on a construction site.

Can you really find good construction jobs with no experience?

Yes and no.

Technically, you can find good construction jobs with no experience. That’s a fact. However, “no experience” doesn’t mean “no training.” Typically, construction companies want you to have some kind of training before they place you in an entry level role.

Why training? Because it’s not a good idea to let someone work on a construction site without having taken a safety course. Not only that, employers want to know you’ve got the maturity and discipline to do serious work on a serious job site. They don’t want to take on just anybody!

Completing a training program shows that you’ve got a basic understanding about what construction jobs are like. It’s also a way to demonstrate that you can be a safe construction worker and that you’re someone who’s capable of starting something difficult (the training course) and seeing it through.

So, yes. You can find construction jobs with no experience. But you probably can’t find a good one without some training. Let’s look at how to get trained for your first construction job.

First Option: Complete a Dedicated Training Course

This might be the best option if:

  • There’s a dedicated construction training course in your area
  • Short-term training appeals to you more than months-long or years-long training
  • You can find a program that’s partially or fully funded, so you don’t have to pay much or at all for the training

A good dedicated training course will provide you with the basic knowledge and credentials you need to get your first construction job. After you get that job, it’s all a matter of gaining experience and working your way up!

At Construction Ready, we offer a 20-day course for adult jobseekers looking to begin a career in construction. The program is intensive, rigorous, and over in less than a month. You’ll earn several critical construction credentials you need in order to secure your first construction job. As part of the program, you will also meet construction employers who are hiring. 97% of our graduates have a job lined up before they even finish training!

Construction Ready is also a fully funded program, so you pay nothing. The entire cost is covered by a combination of private donations and government grants.

If you’re able to enroll in Construction Ready or find a program like it in your area, you’ve found a great way to break into the construction field – even if you don’t have  any experience!

Second Option: Community college

Many community and technical colleges offer associate’s degree or certificate programs in construction disciplines. For example, your local college might offer a certificate in HVAC repair, electrical contracting, or plumbing.

These programs can be a great option for someone who wants to earn a college credential, whether a degree or certificate, before entering the construction field. While construction is a field where you don’t need a college degree to get a job, many people want to earn one anyhow – and that’s fine!

Compared to a dedicated training course, the community college program will last longer. Depending on the program, it could last anywhere from a few months to more than a year. You may also have to pay your own way, apply for grants, or take out loans to cover the costs.

Third Option: Construction apprenticeships

These aren’t particularly common, but there may be some out there.

A construction apprentice would work closely with an experienced tradesperson to learn how to perform his or her trade. For example, a plumber’s apprentice might begin his or her job with no experience and learn how to perform various plumbing tasks directly from a longtime plumber.

The problem here is that construction companies and contractors typically want you to have gained some experience or received training before hiring you. For this reason, there aren’t all that many apprenticeship opportunities available. Since construction is a “work your way up through gaining experience” kind of field, all new workers are, in a sense, apprentices. This is true even when they’ve completed extensive training before getting hired!

If you’re considering a construction apprenticeship, your best bet is usually to complete a training course or a technical college program instead. That way, you can be more competitive when applying for your first job.

Even if you have no experience, there’s a great construction job in your future

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